Make a Payment

speedAt High Performance Capital we specialize in fast and efficient auto loans. We offer several methods of payments:

1. PayNearMe

Make a cash payment at a participating 7-Eleven (24/7) or ACE Cash Express location near you. Same day guaranteed transaction for only $3.99 up to $1,000.

Pay now

2. Pay with the HPC Mobile App

You can download the HPC Mobile App for either an Android phone or an Apple iPhone and easily make a payment from your mobile phone paying by credit card, check or PayNearMe.

3. Pay by Phone

Call 1-877-296-2829 to pay by credit card or check. For check payments you will need your High Performance Capital Account number, your bank routing number (RTN) and your checking account number. This information is located on bottom of your checks. Please have your check book ready to process payments quickly and efficient.

Phone Payment Service Fees
Credit card: 0% of your payment

Note: As part of our commitment to our valued customers, we have waived our credit card fees as of March 18, 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19.

Check: $6.00
Any accounts with insufficient funds at time of transfer will be subject to a $15 NSF fee.

4. Pay by Mail

Mail check or money order payments to: High Performance Capital, PO Box 27220, Anaheim, CA 92809. Include your account number on check or money order. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH.

5. Automatic Clearing House Payment (ACH) From Your Bank Account

Save time and money by setting up automatic monthly withdrawal transfers. You will need a valid bank account. This service is completely FREE of charge! Simply mail or fax written request giving HPC authorization to withdraw your payment on date specified. Any accounts with insufficient funds at time of transfer will be subject to a $15 NSF fee. Click here to download our ACH Form.

8. Send Cash

Take cash to any Moneygram  or Western Union Agent location.

Fill out Express Payment form with following information:
Receive code: 5175
Payable to: High Performance Capital
Account #: Your High Performance Capital account number

Western Union
Fill out Quick Collect form with the following information:
City Code: highperformance (all one word)
State: CA


An Explanation of Simple Interest

Simple Interest Defined: Simple interest is a manner by which interest accrues. With simple interest, interest on the unpaid principal balance accrues on a daily basis. The interest charge is only based on the principal balance, so interest upon interest is not charged.

Implications of Simple Interest: For contracts with simple interest accrual, the interest on the remaining unpaid principal balance accrues on a daily basis. With each monthly installment payment, the payment will first be applied to any interest that has accrued on the unpaid principal balance, and subsequently to the principal balance remaining on the account and/or other fees, such as late fees, as applicable.

Therefore, if payments are received every month on the due date as detailed in the contract, the final payment due at the end of the contract will be the same as what is listed as the final payment on the contract. If payments are not received earlier or later than the scheduled due date, the final payment on the contract can be greater than or less than the scheduled payment amount that is listed on your contract, depending on whether the monthly payments were received earlier than or after the scheduled payment date.

For example, if payments are paid before the scheduled due date, less interest accrues and the principal balance will reduce more quickly. Alternatively, if a payment is late and made after the scheduled due date, more interest accrues. Because more interest has accrued, the principal balance will decrease at a slower rate because the accrued interest is always paid first.

If you would like to discuss simple interest in greater detail, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 1-877-296-2829.